CO.AS.IT A non-profit organisation for Italians and Australians of Italian descent

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement

CO.AS.IT. Italian Assistance Association protects all personal information and health information which it collects, holds and uses in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, and the Victorian Health Records Act 2001 and Principles under each of the Acts.

Personal and Health Information Collected

CO.AS.IT. collects personal and health information where necessary to process applications and provide our clients with relevant services and to plan for and facilitate care and service delivery.
Personal information concerning our clients and their family members is used to assess the level and type of care appropriate to the client's needs.
We may also collect information about other persons, such as donors, volunteers, carers and home care workers.

The Disclosure and Use of the Information Provided

CO.AS.IT. may at times disclose personal and health information where necessary to provide services and to plan for service delivery and may also disclose information of the Commonwealth Government or its agencies, in accordance with the provisions of the Aged Care Act or other relevant laws.

How Do We Protect Your Information

CO.AS.IT. and all relevant departments have security measures in place and all staff who handle personal and health details have a duty to protect it from any unauthorised access, disclosure or use. When information stored by us is no longer required to be held it is destroyed appropriately and securely.

Accuracy Of Your Records

All measures are taken to ensure that personal and health information held by this organisation is up-to-date and as accurate as possible.


On request, subject to the exceptions set out in the National Privacy and Principles and the Health Privacy Principles, an individual will be provided with access to personal or health information held about them and given reasonable opportunity to correct any inaccuracies or our-of-date information. All requests must be made in writing.

Privacy Complaints and Contacts

Any concerns regarding the privacy policies of this organisation should be addressed to:
The Privacy Officer
CO.AS.IT. Italian Assistance Association
189 Faraday Street
Carlton Victoria 3053